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AMC는 항공마일리지를 현금처럼 이용할 수 있는
서비스를 제공
하는 것을 목적으로 설립
AMC는 전 세계 항공마일리지를 블록체인 기술에 기반을 둔 암호화폐로 교환하여, 고객들이 항공마일리지를 현금처럼 이용할 수 있는 서비스를 제공하는 것을 목적으로 설립되었습니다.

본사는 Canada에 위치해 있으며, AMC Korea(AMC 한국지사)는 영업 및 홍보, 마케팅을 담당하고 있습니다.
블록체인 기술은 그동안 인터넷 기반에서의 정보교류 및 각종 거래망에서 제시되어왔던 불신의 문제를 공유 및 탈중앙화라는 역발상을 통해 크게 해소하며 높은 보안과 신뢰를 확보하였습니다.

이러한 가능성과 잠재력으로 인해 무수한 암호화폐들이 탄생하였으나, 여러 한계점들, 특히 실물경제와의 적용에 있어서 큰 한계점을 지녔습니다.

AMC는 항공마일리지라는 실물경제에 기반을 둠으로써 이 같은 한계점을 해소하고 실질적인 가치를 지닌 암호화폐를 통해 마일리지를 교환, 거래할 수 있는 서비스를 제공하고자 합니다.



COIN SPC(코인규격)

Coin Name AMC Coin
Coin Abbreviation AMC
Hashing Algorithm X11 / Pure Pow algorithm
Time Between Blocks About 1 Minute
Target Time span 10 Minute
Block Max Supply 74,700,000,000
Daily Block Generate About 1440 Blocks
Max Block Size 1000KB
Block Reward SPC참조
Block Reward per mining 3%
Block Reward per day SPC참조
Mined block reward maturity 60 Block
Transaction maturity 8 Block


Global mileage

With a single, integrated AMC platform, you can freely use miles around the world.

right to mileage

Provide a platform that allows you to use your mileage freely without restriction.

Reduce mileage

AMC-based mileage sales increase mileage usage.

Features like
public money

AMC allows you to exchange miles for miles of value anywhere in the world.

Why AMC?

  • Convenient use and exchange
  • With a single, integrated AMC platform, you can freely use miles around the world
  • Safety, Reliability, Security
  • Two keys, each based on a UTXO data structure model, encrypted differently; High security through public and private keys.
  • Immediate transmission
  • For international transactions, the average turnaround time is 3-5 days and may incur additional costs. Within the AMC platform, all of these procedures are available within an hour.

AMC Exchange

“The first in the world, International mileage exchange”




Jason Kang

AMC Founder

  • - IT Venture company M-GAME CEO
  • - RGO DUTTY FREE Planning director
  • - Ubuntuunion corporation CEO
  • - E-invest CEO
  • - AMCEX OÜ(Estonia) CEO
  • - AMC Holdings corporation Chairman
  • - AMC Foundation Founder
  • Philip Park(CEO)

    AMC Vice chairman

  • David Kim(CEO)


  • Jo Nak Won

    Head of Technology

  • Ethan Kim

    Head of Business Development

  • Lee Han Joon

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Ryu Je Woong

    Leader of Strategic Planning Team

  • Park Kyung Ah

    development team

  • Silver Chang

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Bae Jong Yun

    Management support Team Leader

  • Jun Kim


  • Sam Kim

    Marketing Team

  • Joshua Kim

    Overseas marketing

  • Kim Ye Rim

    general affairs Team

  • Esther Choi


AMC Adviser

Kim Jong Woo

Contents Planner

  • - Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) production company PD
  • - CAA Production Headquarter
  • - Professor at Kyunggi University and Dong-A Broadcasting University
  • - CEO of JS Entercast
  • - KOKO Media CEO
  • - C Partners (starn-tv) CEO
  • - Professor of Digital Media at Woosong University

Lee Jae Hyung

Malaysia MXR COO

  • - Singapore Taekwondo Master
  • - Malaysian national team dedicated physical therapist
  • - Malaysian Air Force Logistics Officer
  • - International Pharmaceutical Cooperation Agency and the Drug Abuse Disengagement Institute
  • - Atomy Singapore Malaysia Advisor currently working as a member of the Malaysian mxr Foundation.

Kim Yong Suk


  • - a producer of KBS
  • - Independent PD
  • - directing MBC program
  • - Main PD in Production, Chief PD
  • - TVCM/PRFilm Production
  • - Hanhwa Construction Promotional Video Production
  • - Hanwha Engineering & Construction Company Promoting Video Production

Choi Kuk Hyeon

GLS Holdings CEO

  • - Ottogi Co., Ltd Ministry of Finance
  • - Yuhan-Kimberly Co., Ltd Sales department
  • - CheilJedang Co., Ltd Management department
  • - KCR CEO
  • - Entrust Korea CMO
  • - CMO
  • - GLS Holdings Co., Ltd CEO
  • - Softframe Co., Ltd CEO

Ryu Hyun Jin

AMC Korea Governor

  • - CEO of Cheongsol Investment Consulting
  • - General Director of Gusan Development
  • - Chief Lee Han-dibel-Robert director

Hikaru Miura

Pandroyty CEO

Keiji Tokairin

Pandroyty CEO

Tomohiko Nishiyama

Pandroyty Chief Manager



AMC Exchange Open

AMC Exchange Korea Beta Ver. Open

AMC Exchange Korea PB Center Open

AMC Exchange 회원 사전가입 Start

AMC Exchange 사전가입 Platform Open

AMC Wallet Service Open

AMC COIN Launching

AMC Landing Open

AMC 기반설계

AMC COIN 국제거래소 상장

AMC COIN Korea 상장

AMC International Conference

3rd Private

AMC Wallet Start-up in Seoul

2nd Private

1st Private Meetup in Jeju

1st Private

Black Private

AMC Korea 설립등기

AMC Canada 설립등기


AMC 뉴스





I can not remember ID and PW.

You can find it by using the ID / PW search function at the bottom of the login page.

How can I get my phone number again when I get a timeout?

You can use the re-transmitted authentication number by clicking the button again.

Can I register only my account (real name account)?

You can register if you have an account in your name.

How do I change my mobile number?

You can make changes through the “Profile" tab in My office.

Can minors join and trade?

Minors are not available.

Can I sign up only with my own mobile phone?

Only your own mobile phone is available.

What should the center choose when registering?

If you do not know anything about it, you can select 'AMC KOR' to join.

How do I withdraw my membership?

Membership withdrawal will be limited if one or more of the following are true:
   • AMC Coin balance remaining
   • Have an ongoing transaction
Please contact the customer center ( for membership withdrawal requests.

How are the tokens going when I leave my membership?

When you leave the membership, your token may disappear. We recommend moving your token to a safe place first and proceeding with the membership withdrawal process.

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AMC(Aircraft Mileage Coin)

The purpose of issuing the AMC (Aircraft Mileage Coin) is to lead the change of the next-generation.



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